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For any business, non-profit, or government agency, a great first impression is often the difference between success and failure. The Jaffe Communications team offers a range of in-house skills and disciplines – graphic/interface design, code authoring, search engine optimization, effective writing and more – to make your brand stand out in a cluttered, competitive modern market. Our designers will identify the precise features and design elements for your target market, using the latest code and technology to ensure compatibility and consistent brand identity across all digital platforms. Contact us for a more detailed overview of our work in cyberspace.

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Podcasting is a strategic broadcast medium in which digital audio files are distributed automatically to a user’s computer, tablet or smartphone. The episodic, audience-focused nature of podcasting makes it easy to create a long-term connection with clients, members, and the public at large, helping you stand out in the crowded field of traditional advertising.

Jaffe Communications produces polished, professional podcasts in-house from the ground up; everything from audio production to RSS feed configuration to a podcast website is included in our services. Contact us today to hear more about what podcasting can do for your brand.

 NJAHU Podcast

 MatrixNEWorld Podcast

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The Morning Briefing - February 10, 2016

TRENTON – Welcome back, Gov. Chris Christie. As the governor takes a “deep breath” from the Presidential race – after performing as well in New Hampshire as everyone said he would – New Jersey is bracing for his return. Christie will have little time to relax in his Mendham La-Z-Boy and watch reruns of Hogan’s Heroes, as he needs to prepare for his budget address on Feb. 16 for fiscal ’17. There’s also the Atlantic City mess, the state pension mess, the Transportation Trust Fund mess and other various messes. There’s also a need to rebuild the Republican State Committee and to mend plenty of fences, with a gubernatorial election looming. The big question: Could Christie’s last two years in office be as successful as the first two? Or his he now “too good” for New Jersey?

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The Morning Briefing - July 15, 2015

ON THE ROAD – The rubber hits the road for NJ Transit commuters this morning, as the board is expected to raise bus and train tickets by an average of 9 percent to cover a $56 million budget gap. Expect desperate, Manhattan-bound commuters to make one last futile plea to curtail the hikes, as it seems like these cash-strapped workers have a better chance earning a living by staying home and waiting for an email from a Kenyan prince.

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